Auditions open for 2021-2022!

We’re really excited to see that you’re interested in applying for Kelvin. At Kelvin we wish for the orchestra to be as satisfying and challenging as possible while keeping things fair for all members — unfortunately we can’t fit 14 trumpets in! To achieve this, the orchestra is auditioned new each year, regardless if you are a new or previous member.

About the audition

Due to the challenges of meeting face-to-face on campus, auditions this year will be done by video submission (similarly to last year).

We would like you to record a video where you introduce yourself and then show off your playing. We’d like to hear the excerpt for your instrument (and doubling instrument if applicable) and around 3 minutes of a piece of your choice that you feel shows your ability in its best light. Don't worry if you have to cut the piece short. Once you’ve submitted your video please fill out this form to complete your audition.

Your audition will only be watched by the audition panel and will be deleted once auditions are over.

The closing date for auditions is the 27th September.


Please find the excerpts below:

Woodwind and Brass

Please register your interest in playing by emailing the BWP manager.

Please message your video and a picture of the sheet music that you’re playing to the Kelvin ensemble Facebook page Alternatively, please upload it to a google drive, click share and enter either if you play strings or if you play brass or woodwind. Please also share a picture of the sheet music you are playing from and put your name in the title of the picture.

If you have any issues or questions please message us on Facebook or email the BWP manager or string manager and they will get back to you.

Please remember to fill out this form to complete your audition.